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from the 2nd week in May until the 2nd week in October

Roulette odds and winnings

Roulette board and odds

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Best odds at playing roulette

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Best odds on a roulette table

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Vendors at the Market provide:
  • Home-made baking, jam and jellies
  • Sewing
  • Organic Dog treats
  • Organic plants and produce
  • Certified organic vegetables, berries
  • Organic breads and farm-raised eggs
  • Certified organic teas
  • Collectibles, books, garden tools, miscellanoues
  • Knitted and crocheted items
  • Collector coins
  • Handbags big and small
  • Jewellery
  • Unique Crafts of all kinds
  • Photography and art by local artisans
  • Traditional Bannock, made on-site
  • Seasonal orchard fruits and farm vegetables
  • Watkins products
  • Bi-weekly musical performances by local artists

Lumby Public Market

Address:PO BOX 405 V0E2G0
Phone: 250-549-0744
Business Hours: Every Saturday 9am-1pm, from the 2nd Saturday in May to the 2nd Saturday in October

Buttertart Festival 2017

There were a few sprinkles of rain early in the morning last Saturday, but the hot, dry conditions won out overall.  The Market welcomed Louise who sold berries and enthralled market-goers by sitting and spinning at her booth.  Louise answered lots of questions! ...


NOTES FROM THE MARKET It was another great day at the Market on Saturday.  Local cherries and honey were available as well as our usual farm and greenhouse produce, crafters, artisans, knife sharpener and new-to-you vendors.  As most people have noticed, I’ve been...


This week, I’d like to focus on our vendors who are creative entrepreneurs, selective pickers or sell fabulous products that you might otherwise have to purchase online or from a big, impersonal store. First up is Elsie, your Lumby Beauticontrol specialist. She’ll be...


As you know, the Saturday Market in Lumby is a “public” market – it walks the line between a card-carrying farmer’s market and a flea market.  This week, I’d like to focus on our many vendors who make, bake or grow their products. As you walk the tree-lined path in...


Sorry folks, but we have been asked by the Village of Lumby to cancel the May 13th Saturday Market due to the risk of continued flooding and possible severe weather.  We've never had to cancel before and sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause to our vendors...


  Balm of Gilead is a time-honoured natural remedy made from poplar buds, The medicinal properties of the balsam poplar tree (Populus balsamifera) lie in the winter buds, and with this slow spring it’s not too late to collect them before the leaves arrive (you can...


Well, I was asked a couple of questions about companion gardening and although I knew a few plants that do well with most plants and provide a benefit, like the use of marigolds in your garden, a little research provided a greater insight..so, here it goes for some of...


         Spring herbs -  I’m always happy to see my little patch of stinging nettle every spring.  The leaves decrease pain and act as a mild diuretic, accounting for their use in providing relief from allergies and arthritis. The young leaves, rich in iron,...


Spring planting has already begun, and here at the Market, we're lucky to have one of the Okanagan's best gardeners right on the spot.  Sam also writes a gardening column for our local weekly newspaper, the Lumby Valley Times.  Pests bugging your timid tomatoes,...

I can't wait for The Buttertart festival Sept 9th